Deschool’s STEM Programs

World of Drones with
Adeola Akinwale


Immerse on a captivating journey into the "World of Drones" with Adela Akinwale! Explore drone history, classifications, flight principles, applications, and safety measures. Uncover drone components, navigation, sensors, and maintenance tips. Engage in a vibrant Q&A session, recap key takeaways, and inspire students to pursue their passion for drone tech and STE(A)M.
Grades: 4 to 8

Conservation of Energy
with Sean Yacoub

Join Sean Yacoub, our renewable energy expert, in this insightful workshop series! Explore the forms and laws of energy, discovering how it's harnessed and transformed in everyday life. Uncover the impact of renewable and non-renewable resources, delving into the dissipation of energy and its role in climate change. Sean will share firsthand experiences from his renewable energy projects! Don't miss this chance to connect with a real-life energy conservationist!
Grades: 4 to 12

Solar Car Racing
with Martha Lenio

Discover the fascinating world of solar energy with Dr. Martha Lenio, a seasoned expert with over 15 years of experience in photovoltaics and sustainable solutions. Learn about the importance of solar energy for sustainability and engage in hands-on activities like building solar cars. Dr. Lenio's hands-on experience in Nunavut communities, transitioning from diesel to renewable energy, brings a unique perspective to the sustainability journey. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a leading voice in Arctic renewable energy solutions!
Grades: 5 to 12

Robotics in Agriculture and Greenhouse Production
with Amanda Gloor


Explore the future of agriculture with Amanda Gloor! Learn about the dynamic synergy of technology and farming led by Amanda, a horticulturist with a passion for data and technology. Founder of RootedLABs, a non-profit smart urban farm, Amanda strives to create Agri-Tech jobs and educational opportunities while nourishing the community. Engage in hands-on coding activities, discover automated greenhouses, and explore exciting Agri-Tech careers!
Grades: 7 to 12

Microfarming and Composting
with Sean Smith

Dive into the world of soils in with Sean Smith! Learn about soil types, discuss crop suitability, and discover how to improve soil health and make compost. Sean is an Urban Farmer from Toronto. Meet him and uncover the crucial role soil plays in cultivating a greener future. Let's sow the seeds of knowledge together!
Grade: 3 to 12

Medical Drones
with Brie O’Sullivan

Embark on an illuminating workshop with Brie, a distinguished expert in medical drone delivery, who has worked tirelessly to deliver essential medicines to inaccessible indigenous communities in northern Ontario! Explore the transformative applications of drones in healthcare logistics, gaining insights from Brie's expertise. Join us for a unique opportunity to discover the synergy between technology and healthcare!
Grade: 7 to 12

Ergonomics Engineering
with Matyas Roller

Curious about Ergonomics Engineering? Join us on a journey into ergonomics with a real-life expert! Discover the importance of ergonomically designed spaces in enhancing human well-being and productivity. Let's explore the science of comfortable living and working environments together!
Grades: 7-12

Drone Delivery
with Jan Kryca

Meet Jan Kryca, a real-life drone delivery expert! Join us to delve into the fascinating world of drone technology and discover the ins and outs of drone delivery systems. Explore how drone delivery is becoming an integral part of our daily lives, revolutionizing the way goods reach our doorsteps. From the mechanics behind these flying marvels to the science concepts driving them, this workshop will cover it all.
Grade: 7 to 12

with Isabelle Nyroth

Join an illuminating workshop with Isabelle, a renowned drone consultant from Sweden! Leveraging her extensive experience with diverse drone companies, Isabelle explores applications in wildlife monitoring, agriculture, traffic surveillance, and climate change. Gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of drone technology in this enriching session!
Grades: 7 to 12

Data-Driven Sustainable Cities
with Olga Koppel


Explore the future of urban sustainability with Olga Koppel in "Data-Driven Sustainable Cities"! Founder of GreenTech Innovations, Olga delves into tech's applications in crafting sustainable urban environments. Uncover real-life examples, engage in problem-solving activities, and gain insights into overcoming industry challenges. Discover diverse Biology and STEAM career paths in a Q&A session. Join us in shaping a sustainable future!
Grades: 1 to 12

Coding with Drones by
Adeola Akinwale


Dive into the world of coding and drones with Adela Akinwale in this dynamic 2 hour workshop! Unveil the significance of coding for drones, explore Scratch blocks, and create drone games using Scratch. Students will work on their own project, delve into a Q&A session, and leave inspired. Inspire students to follow their drone tech and STEM passions, highlighting tech's pivotal role in shaping the future.
Grades: 4 to 8

Multispectral and Infrared Sensing in Agriculture and Conservation with Amanda Gloor


Explore the world of Infrared Tractors with Amanda in this captivating workshop! Uncover the magic of using math to identify weeds and assess plant health. Founder of RootedLABs, Amanda's journey—from outdoor enthusiast to programming Harvard-educated farmer—will inspire. Engage in hands-on coding activities related to infrared tractors, and discover the diverse career opportunities in Agri-Tech. Time to overcome challenges and sow the seeds for a future in STE(A)M!
Grades: 7 to 12

Indigenous Land Based Teachings
with Jennie Town


Learn about Indigenous wisdom and sustainability with Jennie Town's transformative workshops at Deschool! Dive into traditional plant knowledge, sustainable practices, and land-based teachings. Jennie's hands-on sessions empower students to connect with nature, fostering respect and responsibility. From discovering medicinal plants to learning about resource utilization and engaging in interactive basket weaving, these workshops offer a unique blend of cultural immersion and environmental advocacy. Book now for an enriching experience!
Grades: 1 to 12

Leadership and Aerospace: Navigating the Skies of Tomorrow with Martha Lenio


Explore leadership in aerospace with "Navigating the Skies of Tomorrow." Join Martha, an aspiring astronaut, as she shares her journey and insights from a Mars simulation. Learn the importance of self-care, team dynamics, and renewable energy initiatives in leadership roles. Engage in interactive activities and a Q&A session to deepen understanding. Discover your potential to lead in the ever-evolving world of aerospace and renewable energy.
Grades: 9 to 12

Soil Health & Nutrition: Nurturing Plants, Nourishing Futures with Jamie Fleck


Jamie, an advocate for food education, leads an enlightening workshop on the interplay between healthy soil and nutritious food. With a focus on Toronto, Canada, Jamie shares stories of innovative urban growers transforming communities through local food production. Through engaging activities, students discover the importance of soil health and its impact on food quality. Empower students to become stewards of sustainable food systems and advocates for healthy living.
Grades: 1 to 6

Every Deschool Workshop Includes:

  • Workshops with STEM expert
  • Teacher’s handbook
  • Digital Student Activity Workbook
  • Implementation Support
  • Alignment with Ontario Science Curriculum
  • Student Recognition Certificates

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