Why Deschool?

  • Breathing life into science concepts, creating that magical 'aha' moment where understanding flourishes, and students exclaim, "Oh - that's why we are learning this!"

"We like to call ourselves 'heart' educators. Deschool was born out of a deep burning desire to revolutionize science education. Our goal is to make science truly captivating and immersive through engaging workshops. We want to bring those 'aha' moments to life, where students truly grasp the significance of what they're learning. By inviting real-life STEM experts to our classrooms, we inspire young minds to innovate bravely, showing them the incredible possibilities when knowledge meets passion. With boundless enthusiasm, we teach, and our handpicked STEM partners share our ardor, infusing their expertise and love for science. Together, we create an educational journey that sparks a lifelong passion for discovery and learning."

- Ritu & Rebeka

How are our STEM workshops designed?

    We bring the STEM Industry experts straight to your classrooms - both virtually and in-person, making this the perfect way to bring the textbook concepts to life and inspire a new generation of innovators!

    Students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge to real-world STEM projects and initatives, helping them develop critical thinking skills and a deeper understanding of the STEM field.

    Every workshop is tailored to fit your school's specific needs and can be customized to complement your existing curriculum.

    Students will enjoy a complete learning experience with interactive STEM activities, fun quiz time, and hand-on projects.

Don't miss this opportunity to give your students a hands-on experience that they will never forget!

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